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FAQ about The Lynx

Here are some of the e-mails we get about CRIK FM - The Lynx, as answered by our cracked staff!!

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How come I can't hear your dial up streams in Windows Media Player? I get an error message that says the player does not support the URL?

In our endeavor to make your listening experience as pleasurable as possible, we have implemented and started streaming in a slightly different way for our dial up listeners. We are sure you will love the change!

It is called AAC+ and it is a streaming technology that will allow people who listen using dial up or have limited bandwidth to hear the stations with the same crystal clarity as if they were listening to the stations on higher connections.

While Winamp and RealPlayer already have the technology built into their players to support this new streaming technology, some players are slower at adopting it.

Windows Media Player is one. In it's original state, it does not support the new streaming technology, however there is a small add on that you can install (assuming you have administrative rights to your computer), that will make your Windows Media Player recognize and play nicely with the new technology. You can download it HERE!.

After the install you will notice two new icons on your desktop called AAC-aacPlus Plugin Read Me and Tuner2 - your ears will know. If you want to know more about this streaming technology and the add on, by all means read away! If not, you can safely delete them from your desktop.

The only other player that does not currently support this new streaming technology is iTunes.

So, take a listen to the new technology by going to the listen page and click on the 'Low' speed under your preferred player... you won't believe your ears!

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I absolutely love your Radio Station. I listen to the CRIK Classic Rock station all the time using my ROKU music player. I'm interested in programming it for ALL your stations. What are the link addresses? I'd like to have the addresses for the 192kbyte quality streams instead of the 96kbyte streams. The current station I'm listening to has been programmed with 192kbyte stream. Your station is great! I just hooked my friend up with a ROKU and immediately programmed the device with your station. It's so good to be able to listen to such a huge variety of classic rock I just can't get anywhere else. Rock on!

Thanks Greg! Here are the 'Lynx' to all the stations you and other people can program into their ROKU or any other players capable of playing shoutcast streams.

If your WINAMP is configured, it should launch simply by clicking on the links below.

Classic Hits:

Super 70s:

Retro 80s:

Classic Rock:

Disco Classics:

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How can I listen to The Lynx on my Smartphone?

There are a number of ways to listen to the Lynx Internet Radio Network on your mobile device.

bulletOne way is to download our Lynx Internet Radio App for Android.
bulletAlternatively, we are also listed on the popular app TuneIn radio. You can download their app by visiting their site at www.tunein.com. Then search for 'the Lynx'. Our listen page also has an instant link to each station. Simply click on the TuneIn icon under the station you want to listen to, and the app on your Smartphone will automatically launch the TuneIn app and start playing your favorite Lynx Station. The app is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Blackberry devices.

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Check back again soon! We will be updating this page with more of your e-mail questions!



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