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FAQ about The Lynx

Here are some of the e-mails we get about CRIK FM - The Lynx, as answered by our cracked staff!!

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I have been listening to a few stations for the last couple months through my google home device and it worked well. For about the past week or two it stopped. I am listening from Toronto. Have I been geoblocked? It works fine if i listen through the website. How do we fix this?

The problem stems from the way Google suddenly stopped properly translating many stations from the TuneIn Database. The TuneIn radio guide is what Google Home uses to bring the stations to your devices.

Our reply from TuneIn:
We are aware of issues with Google Home's management of our data feed. While we currently do not have an eta, we are working with Google to resolve this issue with the highest priority.
We apologize for the inconvenience."

In the meantime, there are two temporary resolutions.

The first one is to call out the full station name. For example:

"Hey Google, play C-R-I-K FM, The Lynx Classic Hits."(try adding 'from TuneIn' if you still don't get the correct response).

The second method is to add it as a routine in your Google Home app on your mobile phone:

- Go to routines
- Click the + sign at the bottom right of the screen
- Click + Add Starter
- Click on Voice Command
- In the box, type in "Play The Lynx Classic Hits"
- Click Done
- Now choose what this routine will do by clicking + Add Action
- Scroll down to 'Try Adding your own'
- In the add action box, type in "CRIK FM the Lynx Classic Hits".
- Click Save

It should now show up as a routine on your list but can take up to 15 minutes to work properly.

You can create routines for all the stations by substituting 'Classic Hits' with:
Super 70s
Retro 80s
Classic Rock
Disco Classics

We hope this helps. We apologize and appreciate your patience while Google sorts out the issue.



I absolutely love your Radio Station. I listen to the CRIK Classic Rock station all the time using my ROKU music player. I'm interested in programming it for ALL your stations. What are the link addresses? I'd like to have the addresses for the 192kbyte quality streams instead of the 96kbyte streams. The current station I'm listening to has been programmed with 192kbyte stream. Your station is great! I just hooked my friend up with a ROKU and immediately programmed the device with your station. It's so good to be able to listen to such a huge variety of classic rock I just can't get anywhere else. Rock on!

Thanks Greg! Here are the 'Lynx' to all the stations you and other people can program into their ROKU or any other players capable of playing shoutcast streams.

If your WINAMP is configured, it should launch simply by clicking on the links below.

Classic Hits

Super 70s

Retro 80s

Classic Rock

Disco Classics



How can I listen to The Lynx on my Smartphone?

There are a number of ways to listen to the Lynx Internet Radio Network on your mobile device.

One way is to download our Lynx Internet Radio App for Android.

Alternatively, we are also listed on the popular app TuneIn radio. You can download their app by visiting their site at www.tunein.com. Then search for 'the Lynx'. Our listen page also has an instant link to each station. Simply click on the TuneIn icon under the station you want to listen to, and the app on your Smartphone will automatically launch the TuneIn app and start playing your favourite Lynx Station. The app is available for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows.


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Check back again soon! We will be updating this page with more of your e-mail questions!



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